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What loans do banks grant in Poland? – Loans collected abroad

Which loans can we choose from the offer of Pulis banks? Check what you don’t know about the bank loan breakdowns that are available in Poland.

What loans do banks grant in Poland?

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The concept of credit is defined in the “Banking Law” . It is an agreement that is concluded between a bank and a natural person or an enterprise. This is an agreement which, according to the Banking Law, should be made in writing. Under this agreement, the bank undertakes to pay the borrower a specified amount for the time specified in the agreement.

Despite the fact that the offer of loans for people working abroad is very diverse, we can most often find five types of loans . You should measure your strength against intentions, which is why it is worth knowing exactly the types of loans available and their distinctive features so as not to fall into a spiral of debt.

Each loan is adapted to the different needs of customers

Each loan is adapted to the different needs of customers

The offer of Pulis banks is very wide. Nowadays, loans for people working abroad are more and more often granted by Pulis banks. There are many possibilities nowadays, many of which you may not even realize.
In terms of the loan period, the following are distinguished.

The first type of loan or mortgage is the most popular. It is taken by consumers to finance the purchase of a property or construction investment. This is a long-term commitment. In turn, the cash loan has one interesting advantage, you do not have to inform the bank what you will use the received cash for.

Some loans enjoy much better conditions for the borrower than market ones

The loan may be repaid in fixed or decreasing installments, it may be for any or specified purpose, it may be in a renewable and non-renewable form, paid in tranches or once. Loans can also be divided into those in PLN and in foreign currency.
Looking at the offers, you can get quite dizzy, which is why we discuss many of these aspects in our articles to familiarize you with all issues related to loans that are available in Poland . Credit loans are not equal.

Poles and Polonia take out more and more often loan amounts. As can be seen from the above article, both groups have a lot to choose from, although loans for people working abroad are less popular. Bank offers are rich in many different banking products. To choose one of them, it is best to contact an expert, especially if you are from abroad and you do not have the opportunity to personally visit banks to get acquainted with their offer. We will check it for you – we will compare the offers of all banks and choose what will best suit your expectations.

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