It is common knowledge that today consumers spend lot of time online and companies hire a web design firm—using multiple devices and it is Microsoft’s endeavor to carry the benefits of technology to the consumers. Microsoft claims its philosophy is to connect the advertiser with the target consumers and optimize the advertisement impact.

Microsoft pubCenter Beta Program

The Microsoft pubCenter beta program comes with a captivating message telling advertisers to convert the traffic into business profits. The Microsoft pubCenter beta version offers the opportunity to owners to advertise on the web site and to exploit the revenue potential with relevant ads targeted at the audience.

Microsoft exhorts website owners to customize the ads and make them congruous with the overall feel of the website. The website owners can have access to one of the largest advertising networks and top it all the performance can be monitored with the aid of several tracking features.

The added advantage with the beta version is there are no sign-up costs. All one has to do is to complete the prescribed form and after receipt of approval, start placing ads on the site. Needless to say, there is money to be earned when the ad is clicked. This beta program is a limited version to motivate large-scale participation and important feedback.

Microsoft publisher leadership council

Microsoft has announced the formation of a publisher leadership council and has asked several leading media companies to be a part of this council to develop its new advertising platform. It is reported that few big players – IAC, Dow Jones Online, The New York Times, Time and Viacom – have already agreed to be part of a publisher leadership council.

According to a statement from Microsoft, the council members will offer new perspectives and fresh insights to help shape PubCenter with its declared intention to enhance targeting and provide meaningful monitoring, measuring and reporting functionalities.