Parents care about us when we are kids, years pass and now we are to take care of our parents! But what to do, if time is not enough catastrophically, everyone has their own kids, jobs, and someone even moves for a permanent residence to another country? In this case, the elderly boarding house can become the only way out. portal in the article shows what is essential when choosing a retirement home for your beloved ones.

Elderly Home Safety Checklist

Use this checklist to determine whether or not a senior citizen is safe living home alone given the current state of the home. Any NO response indicates an area of concern. NO responses do not necessarily mean that the person can no longer remain home, but indicates areas in which the home may require modifications, or assistance may need to be brought in to ensure safety.

If the senior is unable to perform the task independently mark NO; if a caregiver is available to assist with the task mark CAREGIVER. This will help determine whether the care recipient is safe without a caregiver present. Continue reading here…

In such retirement homes, your parents will have the best care, treatment, and entertainment for their age.

Alexandra Cain from the portal in her article demonstrated the future of aged care.

The future of aged care: bringing the elderly home

This business cares for its residents as anyone would want to be treated in their dotage.

The government’s decision to cap the fees that private aged care businesses can charge might have hammered company share prices in the sector this week, but it’s a minor blip for the industry, which has to be an up-and-coming economic powerhouse as the population ages.

New business models are appearing in every sector and aged care is no different. Once dominated by government institutions, aged care is fast becoming an entrenched part of the private sector.

Group Homes Australia is an innovator in this area. Its model is based around the group home model that often integrates disabled people into the community. The idea is to allow elderly people to live together in an actual home, and to curate services to the needs of each resident. It’s a great solution for people who don’t want to be institutionalised as they age.

Tamar Krebs, chief executive and founder of Group Homes – which has eight small homes in Sydney for six to eight people living with dementia and end-of-life care needs with 24-hour care – says the homes look like a real home. Continue reading here…

The following video demonstrates the life of modern aged people in the retirement homes.

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