Because of the fact that aged people have multiple health disorders, determining a large amount of social or functional problems, so to solve them there disproportionately plenty of healthcare resources is spent.
They include:
– more than 40% of bed day in emergency hospitals;
– more than 30% of purchase the prescription medicine and 40% over-the-counter medicine;
– $329 billion, or almost 44% of national healthcare budget;
– more than 75% of the national healthcare budget.

Stuart Marsh from the portal in his article shows the benefits for pensioners, provided by the government.

Federal Budget 2017: Pensioners set to benefit as concession cards make a comeback

The Coalition government is looking to renew its favour amongst older Australians by introducing a raft of measures in the Federal Budget designed to woo pensioners.

The first of which is the reinstatement of Pensioner Concession Card that was scrapped for some Australians when the pension asset thresholds were cut in January.

Under the latest budget, 92,000 pensioners will have their concession cards reinstated after they were previously ruled to be too well-off to require one.

The reinstating of the card is expected to cost the government $3.1 million over the next four years.

It’s speculated the government is looking to wrangle back older voters who have been increasingly drifting towards minority parties like One Nation. Read the full article here…

Aged people need attending several medical workers and transfers from one medical institution to another one.Provision of a complex medical help in certain institutions sometimes is called continuity of medical care, which is especially important for elderly patients. Communicativity between doctors of the first chain, experts, other medical workers, patients, and the members of their families play the most important role in the maintaining that patients get the proper care in any healthcare institutions.

Margaret Manning from the in her article showed that after 60 life can be very interesting, especially with the help of internet.

Feeling Alone? These 6 Volunteering Websites Will Help You Make Friends

Loneliness is a huge issue for Baby Boomer women. Many women in their 60s are living alone and, while some of these women are enjoying their new found independence, others find themselves feeling like their lives lack purpose or direction without close social ties. In fact, in a recent Sixty and Me survey, 75% of the women in our community said that they are feeling alone.
If You Are Feeling Alone, Volunteering Can Help

Not having close friendships with like-minded people is one of the key triggers for loneliness and depression. There is good news though. There is a way to combat loneliness, while making a difference in the world. Through volunteering, it is possible to make new friends and find a higher purpose.

Joining a cause that you care about gives you a sense of purpose. It is also a great way to meet people who share your values. Not only do these volunteers care about the same social issues as you, but, they have chosen to do something about it. Like you, they want to make the world a better place – and that’s a great place to start a friendship. Read the full article here…

The next video demonstrates the life of retirement people in Central Florida.

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