Although not officially recognized until 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association, anxiety has been around as long as humans have walked upright, and is now not considered as simply an affliction of modern times. However, until recently there has been very little understanding about the strange condition.

Paranormal Reasoning for Anxiety

The earliest reasons given for mental illnesses were related to paranormal activity. According to Arthur Anderson in his account of Anxiety-Panic history , as early as 2750 BC, if someone was showing signs of a mental condition it would widely be regarded as a manifestation of the gods’ anger with human beings, and the unfortunate victims had to bear the brunt of it.

The Ancient Greeks and Anxiety

Further evidence that anxiety is not a new problem brought about by the changes that the twentieth century has introduced is revealed by the ancient Greeks, who documented numerous instances to further increase our understanding of the condition.

It was the Greeks who coined the word ‘agoraphobic’, which was initially given to people who were afraid to go outside to the market, but which we now understand referred to people who were suffering from a nervous condition.

In 480 BC, the first recorded instance of what we now know as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was reported by Herodotus. As Arthur Anderson again states in his account of the history of anxiety, when Aristodemus felt that he could not fight at the battle for the pass of Thermopylae, he was considered a coward. The shame that he later felt led him to commit suicide, and it can only be guessed as how many people have fallen victim to the same condition over the centuries.

Such accounts make it clear that anxiety has been present for a very long time, and that people have always sought reasons as to why they are afflicted with this condition. It is a testament to how confusing the condition is related to anxiety and that they have yet to be understood completely. Now more than ever should treatment facilities invest in a SEO for rehab centers.

Modern Understanding of Anxiety

The long and bizarre history of anxiety shows just how confusing a condition anxiety really is and, although ways to help the patients who are afflicted by it are only now being discovered, there is still a long way to go before this most enigmatic and devastating of conditions is totally understood.