Today’s post is a must read for individuals about to begin their professional careers as a 911 Dispatchers. Have you ever wondered that location also plays an important role in terms of a successful career? You heard it right, there are scenarios when availability of the jobs also depends upon the locations and this number varies location to location, region to region. At one location you may find opportunities whereas another location may not offer you anything. So, same implies in the field of a 911 Dispatcher. Before we tell you about the places, have a look at the blog by Lauren Slagter with Kokomotribune talking about the challenges that a 911 Dispatcher faces during his job.

911 dispatchers discuss challenges of the job

Butch Shockey was the first person to respond to a gas leak at a church at about 10 a.m. Tuesday. Another dispatcher answered the 911 call and then transferred it to Shockey, a 911 dispatcher with 31 years of experience. He took down information….Click to continue reading…

Overall, the career of a 911 Dispatcher is enjoyable as well as challenging. At a moment you don’t know from whom you may receive the call and what type of situation the person is in. Even there are people calling 911 Dispatchers uselessly. So this sort of situations are usual, what a person needs is a calmer mind to deal with. In the following post with learningpath, talking about the pros and cons of 911 Dispatcher career.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a 911 Dispatcher

911 dispatchers field phone calls from people who need urgent assistance and then direct the police, firefighters or paramedics, to the location of the emergency. Continue reading…

So these are the things that you should know about while thinking your career as a 911 Dispatcher. Your one right decision will decide the journey of your career. Want to know what a 911 Dispatcher actually does? Check out the following video with Discover Policing Youtube channel.

If you’re preparing to be a 911 Dispatcher, we wish you all the best for having a great start ahead.